Diamonds, the ultimate symbol of eternal beauty and everlasting love, have a fascinating evolution spanning from antique old cut Diamonds to modern brilliant cut Diamonds. As the hardest substance on Earth, Diamonds have captivated humanity for centuries, with each cut style reflecting the fashion, technology, and craftsmanship of its era.
Diamond is unsurpassed in its brilliance and sparkle. Its allure is its fire.
It’s the high pressure and high temperatures in the Earth’s mantel where Diamond forms that give it its incredible strength. It’s this durability that means you can wear and enjoy them every day.
It’s that glimmer when Diamond catches the light that makes it so special, and such a delight to wear. Whether a piece of diamond jewellery is a gift for someone you love, or a treat for yourself, you can’t help but treasure them.
Diamond is the birth stone for those lucky enough to be born in April. It is also the stone traditionally used to mark 60th wedding anniversaries.